Quilled Sentiments

Quilling Supplies

Quilling Paper & Tools

We offer a full range of quilling paper from our American manufacturer). Most widths (1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 3/8th) are available. We carry a full colour range in the 1/8th width as that is the most popular. We can also place 'special orders' for our customers. Our 1/8th size is priced at $ 2.50 for a 50 pk.

Quilling Kits 

We have prepared a number of quilling kits from our own design collections for quillers wishing to do home projects. The materials to complete the project are included. We will also have kits available from our American source manufacturer  as illustrated - re: Snowflakes.

Quilled Cards & Wall Art

Our own personal hand crafted collection of art pieces (cards and wall hangings) are on display for purchase. We also carry a large selection of quilled cards from Asia. These cards are beautiful and cover many occasions. Their quilling is layered on the surface of watercolour images. A lovely presentation. 

Class Instruction


From the very first day of learning a few of the techniques of this ancient skill you will be able to create some beautiful lace-like images. Whether floral or other subject matter the learning curve goes quite quickly. Beginners will be in awe of their ability to work in this artistic medium experiencing very pleasing results.


After just a few classes our students will be marveling at their ability to work with our more complex designs.  Take home your new learning techniques and create your own masterpieces. We love to have 'Show and Tell, at the close of the class day.  Sharing our creative inspirations gives us all a jump start in growing within the world of quilling.

Advanced - Master Class

Once your are comfortable with the various quilling techniques the possibilities are endless. We have a number of more complex designs for our advanced class members. It's the joy in the making that continues to inspire us to create even more complex challenging projects. 

Off - Site Classes

Senior Retirement Residences

Quilling is a simple to learn artistic skill that once learned not only gives the maker beautiful keepsakes for themselves, family and friends but also provides for a social exchange in a familiar setting. No worries about venturing out in inclement weather. Quilling offers a wonderful outlet to reinforce a crafter/artist 's sense of accomplishment and well-being. 

Home Craft Parties

Want to have a get-together with friends but would like to add something a little different to the day. Learning a new skill and doing a simple quilling card might just give your guests an unforgetable experience and at the end of the day gives them  a take home hand made item. In the past clothes, bobbles and plastic containers ruled for home parties. Why not quilling?

Activity Centre Programming

Activity Centres are often looking for programming that is affordable for members and that offers something a little different. We will be preparing a mini programme that is sure to please and will have members anxious to learn new skills. It's a laid back fun easy to learn art form that not only provides a social exchange but gives everyone the joy in the making. 

Custom Cards

Do you have a special card and sentiment that you would like to send a friend or loved-one? We can custom make a card for you. 

For Example: the card shown is a Wedding Card that can be modified to include any number of suitable sentiments - Happy 25th Anniversay, Congratulations etc. Although difficult to detect here the trellis is elevated off the page and is embellished with die cut leaves and miniture hand-made quilled roses. For a wedding card perhaps select the bride's choice of celebration colours. Purple is shown as an example.