Quilled Sentiments

How It All Began

Paper Filigree or Quilling as it is now known has been around for hundreds of years. It is the manipulation of strips of paper rolled or coiled to form a pattern or design. This creative art form dates back to Egyptian times.

During the Renaissance, nuns and monks would roll gilded paper remnants during the bookmaking process and use them to decorate religious objects as an alternative to costly gold filigree. A limited number of Museums today proudly display some of these aged works of art. 

In later centuries the art of  Quilling  became a favourite pastime for European ladies who would decorate household items with quilling techniques.

This art form was named after bird feathers as they used (quills) to coil the paper around to form their various shapes and lace-like delicate images.

With such beautiful displays created from simple materials (paper or corn husks) the art form found its way to North America with the pilgrims. Today quilling is still practiced throughout the world as an art form. Quilling is sure to assist you in creating a treasure that we believe will truly give you a sense of pride in the making.

Source: QuillcardsLTD

Quilling - The Colonial Art of Papaer Scrollwork - Elisabeth Aaron

Learning The Art 

We can teach you the most simple of twirls and curls so that you can produce beautiful pieces of art from your first day in our classes.

We will start with producing a lovely greeting card that will not only be yours to give to a favourite family member or friend but also be a size that can be framed as wall art. A dual purpose. How special is that. There is no doubt that once your art work is received by a family member or friend your art will never be discarded. After all it was hand crafted especially for them. Definitely sure to become a favourite keepsake.

Illustrated on this page are two of our favourite quilled pieces. The hound puppy is a framed wall  hanging and the faberge egg is a 3D quilled free standing centre piece. 

Shadow boxes are normally used to frame quilling images given the depth of the delicate lace-like formations, thus a simple shadow-box frame was used to display our puppy.

The Quilling Experience 'Down The Road'

Quilling supplies and kits are available at our shop. We have a full compliment of quilling paper and tools to assist you in completing all of your projects simple to complex. Please call ahead for shop hours.