Quilled Sentiments

Gallery - On View

We are showing below a few of our completed projects. Some of the gallery photos are cards from our collection, others show wall art that may be an inspiration to quillers designing their own pieces. The size of the project doesn't matter. Our largest works are placed in 20 x 30 inch shadow boxes and have as many as four layers of quilling to mirror a more realistic life-like shape. Yes a lot of work but so much pleasure in the making.  You can quill anything as illustrated by the mini collection shown here. Quilled items never disappoint. Our shop has more on display and for purchase.

         Wall Art, 3D Images, Figurines & Cards

Both images depict a wolf (front and side view). They are both framed but only the centre of the piece is visible in these photos. Our selection, while difficult to see here,  includes how quilling can produce two layered images. This technique gives the subject matter more depth and definition.

Card fusing quilled images along with oxide inks, burlap ribbons and die cuts to emphasis a fall display. A card focusing on colourful butterflies. This pair shows  only two of our many card designs we have on site and for our class Quillers. The quilled work on the butterfly focuses on detailed wheat stems although not well shown in our photo. An extremely interesting technique that can be used in a wide variety of art pieces.

These photos show quilling work that is elevated off the page in a 3D effect. The Christmas ornament to the left is a framed piece (only showing the interior).  The framed heart to the right is a paper made frame in soft ivory with an elevated quilled heart and pearls. The photographic work does not truly catch the depth of the subjects.

Creating 3D animals is a bit of a challenge but they are truly fun to make. Naturally for me I had to create a Llama. If a bit challenging try quilling a free standing wooden figurine purchased from a thrift or dollar store. These little treasures are painted and then quilled. The shelf allows them to be placed on the wall.  Create a gallery grouping for the young at heart or grandchild.

These are special mantel cards that are sure to please friends and family. Left, is a filigreed Christmas tree with a quilled medallion peering through the layers of lace frames. The sleigh is from a die cut. It's contents are a load of be-jeweled hand made origami boxes thus fusing more elements together. Right, shows a quilled poppy and an intricate quilled medallion embedded in layered lace-like frames.

This pair is one of my favourites. Both Kitty and Puppy are completely quilled with a few layers of filigree adding depth to the image. Card stands are included so the cards are mantel ready. The interior of both display a pop-up feature showing a gallery of Kitties or Puppies. There are a number of sentiments included so the message ovals inside the card can be left blank to accommodate the artist's choice of a sentiment.