Quilled Sentiments

W​elcome To Our Classroom

Farm life can be challenging but it also brings us a lot of wide open spaces, forest, pond and of course our Shoppe and Playhouse (quilling classroom). Our U shaped table provides lots of room for our students to work and learn this wonderful art form.

While waiting for classmates to arrive enjoy a walkabout to see our Llamas. With our planned parenthood programme we are usually blessed with a few newborns each spring. Always a high point in a Llama breeders life. The little ones are absolutely adorable.

Our mini kitchenette is alongside our work area so that a cup of tea can be made during a creative break.

We love a 'show and tell'. If you have a video of your creative work, any form, bring it along. Creative folks love to view and share their creative works of art. Our cabinet contains a large TV so classmates can enjoy a screening of your talents. 

If not too cumbersome for you, bring your finished projects to class for our 'show and tell' session. 

In the Spring, Summer and Fall we conduct classroom instruction at the farm 'Playhouse.'' Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Quilling Classes are available. Winter classes are held at our residence in the town of Beachburg. We limit our classes to no more than six students so that everyone has hands on instruction during the learning process.