Quilled Sentiments

Welcome to Quilled Sentiments 

Quilling is fun, easy to do and is an absolute personal, family and friend crowd pleaser. 

It's not just an art form to make greeting cards for family and friends. You can decorate wooden boxes to keep your small treasures safe. Adorn your home's accent walls with stunning works of art that can bring animals, flowers and special subjects to life-like imagery. For those wanting to adorn a child's room - teddy bears, zoo animals and barnyard buddies are a favourite addition. The possibilities for hand made treasures are endless. 

Once you learn the various techniques you can make cards, tags, and fabulous framed works of art. Just wait for the oohs and awes when visitors view your art on a home visit or, the recipient of your art is given a hand made treasure made just for them. 

Throughout our site we will show a number of our designs that we are sure will  have quilling enthusiasts and future Quillers eager to start their next project or to begin to learn the art of quilling.

Happy  Quilling and Best Wishes

From Our Gallery

It is our belief that you can quill anything and everything as evidenced by a mini view of our collection. See our Gallery On-View page. Quilling is an ancient art that is showing a wide spread resurgence of popularity across the North American landscape. Please join me in re-discovering this wonderful art form of paper filigree. From times past often referred to as 'The Colonial Art of Paper Scrolling.'

Quilling Paper & Tools

We have a full compliment of quilling supplies on site.

Quilled Cards &

Framed Art

Our shop has a wide selection of hand made quilled cards and framed art work for sale. 

Scheduled Classes

Quilling classses are available for the beginner, intermediate and advanced Quiller. Off site classes are also available. Please inquire.

Quilling Kits

Quilling kits are available for the home Artist. Many are from our  own design collection others from our supplier Quilled  Creations.

Get Inspired - Our Latest Creation

We love to inspire quillers to experiment by using different quilling techniques. Fusing other art forms into their work can also provide a unique and stunning touch to their projects. Check back often as we will be posting some of our lastest creations here. If folks 'get inspired' we will invite quillers to join us in class instruction to make this featured item. 

Please note that all of our designs are under Copyright 2020 and are not to be reproduced 

unless permission is received from Quilled Sentiments.  All Rights Reserved.